Looking to go on holiday to zanzibar? Many tourists are understandably reluctant to spend a vacation in somewhere as diverse and interesting as Zanzibar on an organised excursion. The streets of Zanzibars capital, the Stone Town, alone are littered with enough attractions that aimlessly meandering around it’s streets are enough to fill several days at least. However an exception must be made for those available in Zanzibar, especially the spice tours.

Since the 1600s Zanzibar, or the ‘Spice Island’, has dominated the worldwide trade for spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla among many others. Plantations throughout Zanzibar are thick with these crops and a must-see that can only truly be experienced through an organised tour which will enable you to learn about the processes of cultivating spices as well as experience the rural countryside, communities and cuisine of Zanzibar.

Many Zanzibar spice tours will begin with travelling through the Zanzibar hilly countryside by bus, before you arrive at one of the many plantation villages. Here, your guide will walk you through plantations teaching you about how each of the spices are grown, harvested and traded by local Zanzibar farmers. If you’ve ever wondered how a peppercorn grows, or where ginger comes from then you will know after your aromatic walking tour of Zanzibar’s spice plantations.

Following your walking tour, you will often then be invited to eat an authentic Zanzibar meal made with locally produced spices and prepared by local Zanzibar chefs. To finish, your guide will then usually take you relax in a Persian bath or on a Zanzibar white-sanded beach.

If you want to carry on your spice tour once you return to the Stone Town, you can then head to the Darajni Market – one of the most popular spice markets in Zanzibar. Here, nearly all spices and crops grown throughout Zanzibar are traded and sold, enabling you to see the final product and experiencing the excitement of a Zanzibar market.

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